Whatchu lookin’ at 👀

Again - I don’t know how I could give birth but I can’t deal with being on my period and having these cramps. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Funniest and most relatable vine of 2014

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I fucking cannot right now.

My #mcm got a bumbo seat and loves it! That smile makes my heart melt daily ❤️



Reasons why I fall in love all over again everyday.

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Look how big my baby is 😭😍



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My mom 😒

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You have one year. Good luck

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I’ve been kinda in a slump lately. I’m so happy with my Lucas and spending every single minute with him but I’ stressing about money and the future, slacking hardcore on school, and kinda in denial but today was a really good day. I’m trying to celebrate the little things to keep myself positive!
Got to hang out with my parents alot this afternoon. Mom and I cleaned her house to get ready for my grandparents to come this weekend. They’ll be here and get to meet Lucas, so that’s exciting! And my sissy will be home which is great because I miss her so freaking much.
Also Meli and I are planning our small ceremony to get married because we got our license already! So that’s SO exciting.
Also got another piece of amazing news but I can’t share that one yet - though it makes my little heart so very happy. Again, just trying to celebrate the little things to keep me going.